About Us

Once a great man said and I quote “One thing which will never leave you at any moment of your life is your Hobby or Passion” . It will stick with you through your thick and thins and will be a friend to you in toughest of your times.

And cricket, in India has voiced through the passions of many, a many. An average Indian is sure to get goosebumps while watching India play in the Internationals. The cricket has brought out the nationalists and patriots in our countrymen for ages and has united Indians all over the world. A conversational starter for many, you cannot help but fall prey to the labyrinth of the cricket admiration mesh. We have cricket stars in every households and there is not an exceptional household which does not take interest in cricket. The cricket celebrities made gods over the year, can’t help but cry when leaving the crease. On a nutshell, we know that cricket is not a mere game for Indians but an emotion which bears the  “Feels”, a yet another word by us.

We as a team of cricket enthusiast after going through different podiums and platforms have felt  “अज्ञानता ही परम आनंद है” which when translated, means “Ignorance is bliss”. Once you are on the verge of ignorance, you are at the ulterior freedom to learn and grow. And thus, we provide you with the best and most informative and handy manuals to bliss.

Every one want to give the best info to there users but some are concerned for what exactly the user wants to read. Over the coffee table we came up with an idea of mixing the professionalism of cricket with a tinge of humor and creativity. On the very of our creatively highs, we also thought of providing all of it bilingually, that is the language of mass, Hindi and English.