Online Casino Games – Variants, Tips and Best Sites to Play in India

Online Casino Games : When we talk about a place like Casino, it mostly fantasize you with all the bright lights and flashy images in your mind along with all the popular casino games within.

Online Casino Games - Variants, Tips and Best Sites to Play in India

Moreover, as the Casino games used to be largely popular in countries like USA and Europe earlier, it has grabbed the attention of almost everyone around the world with its great excitements and huge rewards alongside. Moreover, there are numerous casino games online which you can play and here we present you the list of some of the most popular ones currently.

#1 Blackjack


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Online casino games : Blackjack has certainly maintained its position for being one of the most popular casino games around the world and it is only seen to be growing for the past few years. Moreover, when it comes to the overview of this most famous casino game, it’s often been denoted as a game filled with all the pure luck and great strategy.

How to Play Blackjack Online Casino Games?

Online Casino Games : It doesn’t matter whether you are playing this game in a locally situated casino or an online one, the main motive behind the game always stays as beating the dealer up within its own game. Thus, you shouldn’t go for putting all your money down the line first and must aim to empty down the dealer by making the most intelligent moves during the game. Therefore it’s really important to get yourself ready with the knowledge of all the basic rules and guidelines of the game.

Placing the bet

These needs to be done prior to the dealing of the cards and every player involved must be putting their bets on.

Ascertaining your score

Once the best are placed, the dealer would then be dealing two cards each to all the participating players along with himself. Moreover, one of the cards belonging to the dealer would be dealt faced up on the table and the other one, also been known as the hole card, would be dealt faced down. Thus, being a player, you must be ascertaining your score while checking the cards in your hand as that would play a crucial role in all the upcoming stages of the game eventually.

Making the best move forward

Once you have been able to determine your score whilst looking at the cards on hand, you can now choose form options like hit, stand, double or split .The main motive of the game is to beat down the dealer and the players must score a total less than 21 whilst getting as close to it as possible in order to secure victory. Also, the players need to ensure that they must not be exceeding the score of 21 points. Whilst that been said, let’s take a look at the card values hereby:

  • An Ace would be counted as 1 or 11 points in this game.
  • Face cards would be referred by 10 points
  • All the other cards would be carrying along their face value during the game.

#2 Baccarat


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Online casino games : When it comes to bring more fantasy and glamour into your casino gaming, Baccarat comes as the most exquisite casino game available around. Whenever you will visit a casino, you will often find all the Baccarat tables to be surrounded by some of the richest people around as this game always attracts that lot most towards it with its all exclusive features around.

Baccarat Rules and Regulations

Online Casino Games : Baccarat often comes as a treat to all those people who love to play casino games without making themselves remembering all those complex rules and regulation in their mind. This game comes along with simple ruling system and there aren’t any types of card combination or hands to memorize in the process. The only skill you required here is basic numeric skills and a good memory of all the three bets you are going to play in the process.

-The rules are simple and very little decision making skills are required here.

-The main motive for the game is to get as closer as to the number nine.

-Bettors here can either choose to place their bet on the player or the banker for a victory.

-Baccarat table generally involves numbers outlined on the edge of the table which further signify the number of players on the table. AQ Regular Baccarat table would include numbers marked from 1-15 with 13 not included in the list for being an unlucky digit.

-Above the numbers of the player, there are three boxes marked red on the table and the first box which is closer to the player number is been known as Player bet box. Above that you will find the banker bet box and the tie bet box would be the one in the last segment.

-The player has to use one of these boxes in order to lace their betting chips in the casino.

The Game play

The biggest motive in Baccarat is to move as closer as possible to the “Nine” which is been termed as the highest hand in the game. Here the dealer would only deals with two cards faced down to all the players and the bank and in some cases, he would deal the third card as well. This would stay same irrespective of the amount of bet placed on the table and the maximum number of players that can be involved is 14.

Moreover, the players either bet for the banker or the player in order to attain the score closes to nine or either for a tie. It’s totally up to the players how would they like to place their bet and for what amount? Here, a natural of 8 points is been called as Le petit whilst the natural of 9 points is been called as Le grande. If the first two dealt cards brings in one of these two totals, either the Le petit or Le grande wins and the round comes to an end.

Card values in Baccarat

The cards in Baccarat are been counted as their face values and except the aces which are always been counted as 1.Moroever, suits, diamonds, clubs, spades are not been counted as significant values. On the other hand, all the other face cards like queen, king, Joker and 10 would be counted as 0. 

#3 Roulette


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Online casino games : If there is any casino game which is famous worldwide amongst millions of casino games fans around, then Roulette is right up there in the list. It is generally a spin of wheel which can make you win great cash based on your luck and often comes as the most interesting and attractive casino games around.

Rules and how to play “Roulette”?

Online Casino Games : Understanding Roulette is as easy as cakewalk and you just have to understand the values and relevance of each part of the wheel in the process. Moreover, the Roulette wheel is labeled with Black and Red color with a green color pocket termed as Zero.

a) Betting on the Roulette table

The first and foremost thing which the players need to understand where the players would like to put their bet towards? Moreover, the Roulette wheel is marked with all the related numbers and their respective colors and the players have to just decide on their best placed on the same numbers or colors. All the pockets in the roulette wheel consist of multiple numbers and other values which would decide the winning amount for the players playing the roulette game.

b) Spinning the wheel

Once you are decided with the pocket, color or the number you would like to place your bet on, its time to do the ultimate thing: spinning the wheel. When it comes to play it online, you just have to press the “Spin” button in order to start the wheel rolling.

c) Getting the result

The last but not the least thing which you can do is waiting for the outcome after spinning the wheel. This would ultimately decide the value of money you will be going to win in the process after the roulette spin and whatever the roulette bring along on the table, it would ascertain the outcome of the overall effort of the players whilst picking the bet and placing on their favorite number.

#4 Slots


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Online casino games : Slots can said to be the hot favorite amongst people of all ages and all the online casino sites are providing exciting games and new features nowadays in the same context. Moreover, it is one of the most popular amongst all the youngsters currently and with that been said, let’s take a lot on its features and rules alongside.

Playing Slots Online

Online Casino Games : Slots often bring on all the fun but it becomes a bit different whilst playing it in its online mode. Whilst the slot machine are easy to learn, the variations involved are plenty and any user would take utmost time in order to learn the tactic and strategies in the game. You may find around many options like cherries, 7, bars, Jackpots and other bonus offers. There are multiple other stages which would be there in the game and you just need to take a look around during the same.

Types of slots available online

Classic slots

These are one of the most basic Slots options available around and make use remember the old school version of slots available. This might be coming along in fruit slots with all types of flashy symbols and fancy objects.

Video slots

Video slots can be termed as the most popular version of slots in the current times and players can play slots as per their choice of differently styled themes which comes in various options like Super hero based themes slots, fantasy themed slots, Egyptian themes and so on.

3d slots

3D slots are the latest versions of Slot based casino games and the user can simply add some more fun in his whole game play by adding certain 3D options to the platform used.

#5 Craps


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Online casino games : When it comes to look around for a multipurpose slots based casino game, Craps comes into picture with the most perfection around. Moreover, even though the playing table there would look like a complex one, it is easier to be understood than many other casino games around.

Rules and guidelines to play Craps online

Online Casino Games : It might sound a bit confused aspect as the craps are tough to look at in the first go in terms of its playing style. There are numerous bets in the craps table and you have to find around from many betting probabilities of your choice. Also, the table you will find online or at a casino would look similar to you and this makes it easier for all the players to understand further. Players are termed as “shooters” here n this game and the players have to place bets on the final numbers rolled on two dices.

  • You first have to determine which bet you would like to make and must place your chips on the same bet. Moreover, the shooter should be placing a minimum bet on the pass line, or they don’t pass line.
  • The Shooter then rolls the two dices and this roll is been termed as a “Come out roll”.
  • The shooters can keep on rolling the dices until they get a losing combination of numbers i.e. if they come out roll is either 7 or 11, the bet on the pass line will win and other bets lose. On the other hand, if the rolls comes as 2.3 or 12, the “don’t pass line” would emerge victorious and other lose.
  • If a shooter rolls down 4.5,6,8,9 or 10 in the come out roll, the number then becomes the point number.
  • The shooter then continues to roll the dice until he or she rolls on a point number or a 7.
  • If a point number is rolled, then the players with the pass line bets win and the other one lose and vice versa in case a 7 is rolled.
  • Once the shooter loses, other player would take their chances and this would ultimately decide the winner of the game.

#6 Video Poker

Video Poker

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Online casino games : Video poker is another very famous casino game online and its popularity can largely be associated with the poker game online. Just as its name comprehends its most about the video version of the poker game and almost every player who knows the basic rules and style of play of a 5 card poker hand can play this game at an Online casino.

The game was firstly been introduced at the Land of casinos, Vegas and it became popular in not ime due to its connection with the already famous Poker game.

Rules and game play in Video poker

Online Casino Games : Video poker is simple to understand if you known how to play poker. Just like a normal slot machine, the game is played on electronic screens and you will see a poker hand there at the first go. There you will need the basic understanding of the poker game so as to choose which cards need to be kept in hand and which ones needs to be discarded. The ultimate winner would be decided by the quality of hand or the player with the bets hand possible in the whole game.

Variations of Video poker around

Jacks or better Video poker

If you think that numerous poker options might make you feel like a bit confused, then you can give this one a try. This is surely been the most basic version of video poker and all you have to chose is between a Jack and the better from a poker hand. This video poker option is available both physically located casinos and online ones as well.

Aces and faces Video Poker

This version is more or less like the Jacks or better video poker but this version can bring you some good cash than the previous one. Moreover, the game generally includes coming out with the most four of a kind version of Aces and faces card and the player can win some good money within this game.

#7 Bingo


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Online casino games : Bingo can said to be one of the most common casino game and it’s not only limited to casinos and can played within the families or any other section of the society around. Moreover, there are people who make their children play bingo in order to enhance their numerical skills in their school times.

Rules and variations of Bingo Online

Online Casino Games : When it comes to play Bingo online, the rules are quite simple. All you need to do is purchase a bingo card, or a list of bingo cards from casinos or online in order to claim the jackpot on roll. The numbers gets called in hall or if you are playing online, you will get those numbers displayed on screen and once you form a 5 digit combination either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, you can take the jackpot along or the prize on offer during the game. When it comes from picking the famous Bingo variations , we can list down the following:

  • 80 ball Bingo
  • 30 ball Bingo
Famous Online Casinos in India

Finding down the best casinos to play your favorite casino games is quite hectic and being a  good player in most of the casino games, you certainly dotn want to lose your precious time just looking around to different online casino sites around. Hence, here we have listed down some fo the best Online casinos in India which can not only make your casino experience everlasting, but also makes you grab some exciting promotional offers from these websites only.

1) Royal Panda

Royal Panda

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Royal panda can said to be the top most online casino in India and it is a part of the international casino franchisee which operates in many other countries of the world. Moreover, the win rate in this casino is about 97.59% and payout speed is an impressive 2 days only. They are said to be providing more than 300 casino games with live dealer games alongside and the withdrawal limit is Rs 50000 per day as well.

2) Bet way live casino

Bet way live casino

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Just like Royal panda, Bet way live casino is also a subsidiary of its parent company Bet way which has its global outreach to numerous countries around the world. Moreover, the site is said to be providing some good bonuses and promotional offers with a win % of 97.51.The payout speed is between 1-3 days and its platform is also been reviewed as the most mobile friendly amongst the lot.



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Leo is another fastest growing online casino in India and over the past few years, it has made its position amongst all the other online casino websites in India with impressive services to its users. The win rate is quoted as 97.45% and the payout speed is 3 days approx.

Basic tips to win at online casinos


  • Spend time whilst understanding the strategies and tricks of a certain game before you actually going to play it ahead
  • Keep playing regularly so as you stay aware of all the latest updates and offers like Loyalty bonus and promotional schemes for new and existing customers.
  • Try to play for the jackpot every other time and before you do that, make a detailed observation of all the past winners and their strategies.
  • Try to play within your budget so as you don’t run out of money in order to use it in other games. This way you will only regret not spending on the ones you lose whilst not having anything foe the ones you have great chance winning.
  • Don’t waste your time thinking about all those hacks in order to bring the result of a game to your favor as almost all the online casinos uses random number generators and it’s purely a chance which would determine the winner.
  • Stay away from all the dodgy sites and fake bonus offers. You must first read all the terms and conditions along with the cash you need to deposit before going for any offer on board.

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