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Poker industry in India is said to be worth over Rs 1000 crore as of now and with every coming day, it is said to be stretching its reach to more people in the country. Mad Over Poker is one of the leading poker gaming websites in the country which has attracted millions of poker loves ever since its inception in the year 2017.

Launched I the year 2017, this online poker website has been started by some of the most prominent poker players in the country and currently stands as one of the most sought after poker websites in India.

How to sign up at Mad Over Poker

Mad Over Poker

Signing up is quite an easy process when it comes to Mad Over Poker and the user can find all the required details to sign up within the home page only. All they have to do is register by signing up with their email address, username, and password and once they would feed in the OTP received on their registered mobile number, they are all set to go and play their favorite poker games on Mad Over Poker.

User Interface and gaming options at Mad Over Poker

User Interface at Mad Over Poker

If we talk about the gaming graphics and user interface at Mad Over Poker, it can simply be called truly amazing in the context of serving the highest quality visual effects and gaming experience to all its users in the process. Even a beginner can easily understand all the easy functions and table themes and information is available right there on the home page of the website.

Players can get all the required information about the available cash tournaments and the ongoing offers on the home page only and when it comes to securing the money out in by all the users, the website scores a 10 with its high-end payment security services and easy to use gaming graphics and functions. Moreover, the gaming option is also available as an App in most of the IOS and Android platforms and users can generate the download link form the website only.

Graphics Quality at Mad Over Poker

When it comes to graphics at Mad Over Poker, the poker rooms on its website are quite smooth and user-friendly. Moreover, the players are provided with the options to make their customized poker rooms and personalized avatars whilst playing the game online. Also, the user can use the color-coded themes and choose the best one according to their taste and preferences whilst playing the game on the website. The website has kept all the comfort factors and the easy to play options for its users and that can be said as one of the USPs for the players at the Mad Over Poker.

Animation quality and gaming speed

The website offers smooth gaming experience to all the players whilst providing detailed features to every smaller aspect to the Animations and gaming speed at the Mad Over Poker. Users can play in multiple games at the same time during their gaming sessions and this is supported by the overall website design quality. The games loads faster whilst all the avatars and the tables look attractive during all the games and this can be said to be one of the main highlights of the Mad Over Poker.

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Promotions and offers at Mad Over Poker

Promotions and offers at Mad Over Poker

Sign up bonus

All the users who are going to register for the very first time would be getting a welcome bonus of Rs 100 on signing up and they don’t need to spend even a single rupee to play on the website. All they have to do is use the code SIGNUP100 while registering and the Rs 100 bonus will be credited to the account right away. Moreover, the bonus can be sued for making entries into the cash tournaments and buying tickets for the same and is not withdrawable. It must be noted that the offer is only available for the new users only.


This offer is available for all the existing and new users as well and the users have to only make deposited s between 1st and 10th of every month in order to qualify for this offer. Moreover, after making the deposits, the user needs to use the code MAX40 and they will get a 10% instant bonus along with 30% bonus by the 20th of that particular month. The offer is only valid for all the deposits between Rs 8000 and 50000 and the code is applicable once per month only.

Also, the players would be eligible for a free ticket to hysteria SnG worth Rs 550. Along with this, the players have to create 5% of their deposited amount as MOP elite points in order to make their deposits as Withdrawable

MOP 25

This offer is only applicable for all the first time deposits and all the new users can avail the benefit whilst depositing into their account at Mad Over Poker. Moreover, they just have to use the code MOP25 whilst making the deposit and 25% of their deposit amount would be credited to their account instantly. Along with that, the players would be eligible for a 75% locked bonus amount which would then used in future game sand cash tournaments by the user. The limit for the maximum bonus is Rs 5000 and the user has to generate 5% of the deposited amount as MOP elite points in order to let their deposits been withdrawable. The code is valid for one-time use by every respective user.


This deposit code is available to use for both new and existing users and whilst making deposits to their accounts, the user just has to use the code RELOAD10 and they will get 10% of their deposit amount credited instantly to their account. For example, if you deposit Rs 500 in your MOP account, you will get instant 50 RS credited to your MOP account. Maximum bonus that can be availed is Rs 2000 and the users have to generate 5 % of the deposited amount as MOP elite points in order to get their deposited amount as Withdrawable.

Other Tournament specific deposit codes at Mad Over Poker

Tournament at Mad Over Poker


This code is available for all the new and existing users and all they have to do is use code MOPCRAWLER whilst making a deposit of Rs 2000 and they can get a free entry to the Nightcrawler (50K gtd).


This one is also valid for all the existing and new users and whilst the user make a deposit of Rs 2000 minimum, he or she is eligible for entry to Dynamite ( 1.25L GTD) after they sue the code BANG.


This offer is also available to all the new and existing users and all they have to do is making a deposit of RS 5000 whilst using the code BLAST and they can be eligible for a free entry in the REHAB.


This could well be quoted as the mother of all codes as the user will be eligible for a free entry to all the 4 major tournaments like Sunday Grind-madhouse, Dynamite, Grenade and Nightcrawler. All the user has to do is make a deposit of Rs 10000 and use the code BOMB whilst doing the same.

Fly to Europe offer

Fly to Europe offer

All the users at Mad Over Poker can now grab a chance to fly to their dream destination of Europe and all they have to do is make 20000 MOP elite points whilst playing between 28th Dec 2018 and 10th Feb 2019 on Mad Over Poker and they stand a chance to win the all paid trip to attend the “Indian poker series” at Kings Casino in Europe. The players can also go eligible for the 2.5cr +GTD tournament series over there.

High Roller +Main event package offer

This is another very exciting offer available for all the MOP users and they just have to secure 25000 MOP elite points in order to stay eligible for the package. The contest is running from 28dec 2018 and 10th Feb 2019 and the winner would be heading towards King Casino Europe for the “ Indian poker series”.

Winter madness offer

Winter madness offer

Winter madness offer comes as another scheme for all the existing users of the Mad Over Poker and they just have to generate maximum MOP elite points whilst making it into the leader board for the contest which would then be eligible for a cash prize of up to 4.5 lakh per 10 days. The users can play along with different cash contest available at the Mad Over Poker and the offer is available from 28th Dec 2018 till 10th Feb 2019.

To get eligible for this offer, the players have just to play 5/10 and 100/200 stakes on Mad Over Poker and they will automatically get registered for the promotional offer.

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Games and Tournaments at Mad Over Poker

Games and Tournaments at Mad Over Poker

If we talk about the tournament in a Poker game, it is generally about all player playing with an equal number of chips and game goes on until a player takes away all the chips by winning the game. Every tournament comes at a fee or a buy-in. Buy in gets put into the tournament whilst fee is kept by the Mad Over Poker. Moreover, the prize of the tournament all depends on the number of players playing the same and the wining amo0unt gets completely paid to the winner in this.

Each of the players in the game is dealt with some cards and the player coming up with the highest card combination becomes the dealer and the whole purpose of the game for the players is to win the most number of chips whilst been the winner.

Categories of Tournaments at Mad Over Poker

Tournaments at Mad Over Poker

Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments are the ones which get announced way in advance before their commencements and the players are required to register prior to the start of it. The closing time for the registrations gets announced within the game lobby and ends just a few minutes in prior to the start of the tournament. There are a number of scheduled tournaments at Mad Over Poker and some of the examples are Regular buy-ins tournament, Guaranteed tournaments, Freeroll tournaments and so on.

When we talk about the guaranteed tournaments, they are usually about a guaranteed prize pool within the game and the winning amount is also fixed without having any dependency on the number of players in the participation. On the other side, freeroll tournament is where their entry is free of charge and the prize pool is provided by the casino in the process. Freeroll tournaments are usually meant for all the players who are relatively new and doesn’t want to take risk whilst playing for the big cash tournaments. The users don’t have to put in any amount of money and al they have to do is register themselves for the game.

Sit and Go tournaments

Sit and go tournaments are the ones which are available to play for all the users round the clock and they commence once the tournaments reached to a specified number of players to participate in the game. The tournament gets played as per the standard rules apply for all the poker tournaments at Mad Over Poker.

Mad Over Poker constitutes numerous tournaments on their website like Sunday Grind, Hysteria-10L GTD and so on and all of them are available for its users for a nominal buy-in and participation fee

Online Poker Academy at Mad Over Poker

Mad Over Poker Academy

The Online Poker academy at Mad Over Poker provides an opportunity to all the beginners to learn the ins and outs of the poker game in order to stay on par with all the professional poker players around. Not only they get to learn even the small aspects of poker game there, but they can also learn in to make good money by getting g a deep go through to all the tips and tricks for the Big cash tournaments in the process. The whole motive of teaching them with all the above-mentioned things is just to make them feel easy while they enter into the cash tournaments with big dreams of winning some good cash in the process.

Elements of Mad Over Poker Academy

Poker terminology

Here the user will get to learn all the terms and words used whilst playing the game of poker. The best part is that the user doesn’t need to go through the entire history of the poker to get the kno9wledge and he or she just need to go through specific terms like Ace, Deal, call, raise, fold and so on. The whole terminology is arranged in alphabetical order so as the user can get it easily and slowly.

Moreover, this comes as the best tool in use for all the new users who are not carrying enough knowledge with them to play poker online at Mad Over Poker.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em can certainly be quoted as the most popular and played poker variant across the globe and when it comes to Mad Over Poker, it goes the same way amongst most of the users. Texas Hold’em poker is a game where the main motive for players is to win pots and the same pot is made y getting the money raised by all the playing users while making certain bets during the game.

The player who will be holding the best 5 card combination or the player who will be doing the bluff will take the game home. Also, the 5 card combination must comprise of two hole cards and five community cards which are dealt with during the game.

Omaha poker

Omaha poker game is another very popular poker game around the world and is more or less same like the Texas Hold’em poker and each of the players received 4 cards faced down on the table during the game initially. On the other side, Five cards are been dealt face up on the table like Texas Hold’em poker and the cards are known as “Pocket cards”. In order to win the game, the players have to form the best 5card combination whilst including two of the pocket cards and three of the five common cards on the table.

Run it twice feature

This feature allows all the participating players to see through the left cards on the table twice and not only once. The pot firstly gets divided into two parts during this option and the first part belongs to the first set of the cards and the second belongs to the second set of cards. The option can only be selected after all the participating players get agreed on the same in mutual terms and the same can be applied on playing rounds like Pre-flop, The flop or the turn.

Security features in terms of payment and gaming on Mad Over Poker

Mad Over Poker SSL

All the games and contest at Mad Over Poker are completely legal and as per the Indian governments ruling and the same involves are the required licensing and approvals in regards to the same. In terms of security, the website incorporates some of the most advanced features which are backed by an SSL vs encryption algorithm which avoids any kind of fraudulent activity and malicious act on the website by any of the participating users.

It also incorporates a unique random number generation and card reshuffling technique which certainly makes it fully secured and safe Online Poker platform for its users.

Some of the frequently asked question asked by the users about Mad Over Poker

  1. Is the amount which is won by any of the users at Mad Over Poker subject to any taxation?

A-The winning amount in the lieu of more than Rs 10000 by any players on any of the cash contest or promotional schemes is duly liable of a TDS ( Tax deduction at Source ) of 30% and all the users must agree to their terms and conditions before signing up on the website.

  1. What about the Legality of Poker in India?

Online Poker games played on Mad Over Poker are completely legal as per the existing state and central government rules and is available to play for all the users across India except the states of Telangana, Assam, and Odisha.

  1. What steps are taken to ensure fair play at Mad Over Poker?

A- As per the information available on their website, the website has brought in use the strictest measures to ensure the best and fairest gaming ethics for all the users and they have also put in a fair play policy in the same regards. The technology used by Mad Over Poker is certified by the famous Itech labs from Australia and that can be said as a big factor to trust their games and contests.

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Withdrawal and Payment Options at Mad Over Poker

Deposit Methods at Mad Over Poker

The payment and Withdrawal option at the Mad Over Poker is quite easy and the user can simply make deposits by various modes like Debit card or credit card, Net banking, Wire transfer and also via E-wallets. They can also withdraw using the same methods and the amount generally gets credited into the account within 7 days of the transaction.

Customer Support at Mad Over Poker

Customer Support at Mad Over Poker

One of the best features at Mad Over Poker is its Chat option which is been provided to all the users during their playing sessions. This way, they can easily communicate with the Mad Over Poker support team live during their games and ask any of the required questions instantly. Moreover, the service is available for all the users every day between 11 am to 11 pm.

Users can also reach out to their customer support team on their given numbers and they can also be connected over an email with their email address, [email protected]. To make it easier for all the players in terms of gaming knowledge and features, they are provided with a dedicated knowledge base feature whilst playing games and contest on the website itself.

Overall Review of Mad Over Poker

Mad Over Poker Review

Mad Over Poker can surely be considered as one of the fastest growing poker websites and within a span of just 2 years, the website has made its own mark in the world of online poker. Whilst it carries the most unique features and easy to use gaming options to all its users, the user interface certainly comes as an “add on” during the whole process. Although the website is quite new amidst all the older competitors in the market and also lacks some basic technical glitches in its table customizations, it is surely there fully loaded with everything a poker lover can ask for in Online Poker.

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