Mystery Bowlers Of All Time In IPL

Mystery Bowlers

In the history of IPL, we have seen players from all over the world battling it out during the Indian summer. You cannot ignore a different way of excitement IPL gives you at any cost. Sports is something which teaches life as said the by the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. It teaches reality, it teaches thrill, it teaches excitement, it teaches moral, it teaches being humble and it teaches mystery. The mystery is something always excites a fan in movies and televisions. Okay so let us go with mystery, in today’s column let us discuss about the mystery bowlers in IPL all time.

10) Varun Chakravarthy:

10) Varun Chakravarthy:image source

The costliest uncapped player ever, in the history of IPL.  He was bought for 8.7Cr Indian rupees by the kings 11 Punjab Management. Everyone was shocked after this selection because no uncapped player has gone for such a huge selection before. The money he has got has a reason behind it. He is known for bowling 7 different varieties of deliveries. In an over which has 6 balls, if he managed to cheat batsman at least once in an over, it is going to be a purple cap IPL for him and a great IPL for his team. Batsman will have to use their brains to the extreme to pick this mystery man.

9) Ajantha Mendis:

9) Ajantha Mendis:image source

He was most unpredictable in his early days in the International cricket. He had the ability to turn the ball both the sides with the same way of action in his bowling. He bamboozled almost every batsman in the world. Even Indians whom we know for playing spin bowlers than any other team in the world struggled against this man. This ability fetched him a contract with Kolkata Knight Riders.  In IPL he was successful in fair extent. He will remain in the books always when we talk about mystery spinners.

8) Jasprit Bumrah:

8) Jasprit Bumrah:image source

His action, his different way of bowling Yorkers has disturbed batsman a lot that he is the world’s one of the best bowlers in the world. what’s more interesting is he can bowl all these balls in the speed of 140 plus KMH which makes him the dangerous bowler to watch out for any team. This man is a fantastic gift for the Indian cricket and in IPL he can be termed as the magical creation from Mumbai Indians.

7) Kamran Khan:

 Kamran Khan:

image source

Shane Warne has some ability in picking up players out of the box and makes the sensation. During IPL 2009, Kamran Khan was the talk of the town because of his variety in the bowling and brilliant match-winning ability. Shane Warne has the habit of visiting nets and find talents for Rajasthan Royals and make them shine. There is a did you know fact about it that Ravindra Jadeja a star all-rounder in the Indian set up was found by the legendary Shane Warne. Like that, he found this left-arm fast bowler Kamran Khan was a mystery bowler and talk of the town.

6) Kuldeep Yadav:

Kuldeep Yadav:

image source

He is one of that mystery spinner Indian cricket has produced and the Jackpot was grabbed by Kolkata knight riders. He has the extreme ability to cheat batsman and pick up wickets at crucial moments. The left arm spinner is the go-to man for all the captains Including Virat Kohli. His wrong ones are one of the toughest to pick and play which makes most of the batsman gets confused and give away their wicket. He is now one of the greatest spin bowlers in the world.

5) Ravichandran Ashwin:

Ravichandran Ashwin:

image source

One of the all-time great spinners in the world was once the toughest off-spinner to pick in his early days of IPL. Ashwin is one of the fantastic spinners in the world and his finger ball and carom ball during 2009 IPL was the biggest advantage for CSK to defend low totals.

4) Mustafizur Rehman:

 Mustafizur Rehman:

image source

One of the prime reasons behind the bowling success of Sunrisers Hyderabad, If it was David Warner who carried batting department along with Yuvraj, it was Mustafizur along with Bhuvaneshwar Kumar who carried SRH hopes in 2016 when they have crowned IPL champions in 2016 IPL. He had the brilliant ability to contain runs during death overs with his mystery bowling which makes him 4th spot contender in this Table.

3) Mujeeb Ur Rahman:

 Mujeeb Ur Rahman:

image source

He is the young sensation of Kings 11 Punjab in 2018 IPL. He had his variety of mystery balls which confuses the batsman and make them throw their wickets away, his wicket-taking ability has helped his team to the high level and he will be one of the greatest bowlers in the future for Afghanistan cricket. In the 19 years of age, he has proved the world that he has the ability to do the fact.

2) Sunil Narine:

) Sunil Narine:

image source

He is the mist different cricket and a unique cricketer in the set up of West Indies cricket. He is the best spinner that his country has produced till date. Kolkata Knight riders picked him and he has given them a huge boost and balance to the side which won the IPL twice. He confuses the batsman beautifully that he can dominate any batsman in the world. The mystery is something he showed it openly and carried as his tag. He has the marvelous record of bowling a maiden over in a super over of a twenty-twenty match. Imagine how well am mystery bowler can perform of he has to do that.

1) Rashid Khan:

 Rashid khan:image source

This Afghan leg spinner is unpredictable for four years and now and no batsman has easily picked him up and dominated him. If you ask for the world’s best spinner at the moment, we would easily answer it as Rashid Khan. Bowling some fierce leg spin and his action make it difficult to pick it up. His wrong one is something which world’s best batsmen have to able to play yet.


If you are different, you are successful, mystery makes people always curious. If you have the mystery, you are well on the way to be the limelight among the people.

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