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Rummy Passion

Rummy can certainly be regarded as one of the most popular card games in India which can be played with a group of friends and family alongside. Moreover, Online Rummy has gained huge popularity in the past few years and when we talk about one of the best Online Rummy websites in India, rummy passion  can be quoted as one of the most followed rummy websites in India.

User Interface and Gaming Software at Rummy Passion

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The user interface and gaming software of rummy passion is quite impressive and you can get along with all the given options quite easily on your way through playing it for the very first time. Moreover, the home page only provides you the option to sign up for playing rummy at rummy passion while signing up through your email id or face book account.

The home page constitutes all the required details for the first time user and almost every details about the rummy website along with playing rules and formats is given on the home page only. Talking about the playing experience, the users will witness some exquisite features whilst playing at rummy passion and the gaming software and the graphics also have been quite impressive down the line.

Rummy Variants at Rummy Passion

Points Rummy

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Points rummy can be said as one of the most loved rummy variants at and it comes along with some of the most basic rules and regulations. Moreover, 13 cards points rummy is also been known as 80 points rummy and currently stands as most popular 13 card rummy game in India. This rummy game is mostly popular as its easy to play and takes less time as compared to all the other versions of rummy.

Whilst playing with 2 players, it only takes around 2 minutes and the rules and guidelines are easy to understand for even a layman who is playing for the first time.

Rules and guidelines for 13 points rummy

13 cards points rummy involves 2 and 6 players tables and whilst 2  player table can enable only 2 players alongside, 6 players tables can manage 2-6 players in a game of rummy on Moreover, it all depends on the tables selected and 1-2 decks of cards can be brought in use in the process. Each deck constitutes 53 cards along with 1 printed joker.

Getting started with Points rummy game

It all starts with the selection of the table and getting along with the Rummy game at Moreover, whilst you enter the points rummy section of the, you will get to see various options like tables, no. of decks, points value, Minimum entry, join and sitting button. Once you are decided on picking an option, you can then click “Join”. You will see a popup on the screen and with your selected table getting loaded.

Once you will get to see your table loaded, you will then witness the empty or occupied seats. You just need to click “Sit here” option and reserve your seat on the table. Once your seat is reserved, a buy-in option will come through. There you need to decide how much you want to play with. The minimum value which you can play with is point value x80 and the maximum is 10 times of the minimum value and you can play for a value anywhere between these ranges. It must be remembered that the popup will stay there for 20 seconds and will close afterwards so the player has to decide within that time period. Once the popup disappears, the player needs to click “Sit here” again and chose the buy in option once again.

No of turns and cards dealt

Once you have reserved your seat and picked the buying option, you are now ready to play. After the game starts, every player would be dealt with one card each and the turn will be then decided on the value of the card received by each of the player on the table and player with the highest value of card will be playing first. The game will begin once the order of the turn gets decided.

The wild card joker will be opened first and placed below the opened deck on the table. The 13 card would then be equally dealt with all the players on the table and one of the cards would be placed on the open deck. Players would then be forming their sets and sequences from the available cards in the hands and whilst they can pick from the open or closed deck, they can also discard to the open deck. Moreover, the players can drop their cards anytime when they feel that they don’t have the required sets or sequences in hand. Once a player drops his cards, his cards won’t be visible on the table and it will be shown as “player never declared “to the rest of the players on the table. The game will resume until one of the players declares from the game.

The players would be having 40 second to pick or drop a card and they have to earn the additional 40 second which can be sued for future turns in the course of the game. Once the player would miss 3 successive turns, he or she will be given a middle drop with 40 points to their name and the money lost in the process would be equal to the total points.

How to win in Points Rummy at

In order to secure victory in the points rummy ,the player have to make a valid set or sequence with at least  2 sequences amongst which, one of the sequence has to be a pure sequence and a maximum of 2 sets. This would need to be done before the other players from the valid groups and click the “ finish” button in the process. Once a player hit the “finish” button, he or she would get a confirmation popup to ensure that the same hasn’t been done by mistake.

Various declare options

Once the “yes” option is selected, the player gets 30 seconds to rearrange the cards into groups and declare. Moreover, once the player declares, he or she would be getting through two of the case scenarios.

Valid Declare

Once a player selects the “declare” button, he or she will get a confirmation message from the server notifying all the participating players right away. Moreover, 30 seconds are provided to other player to declare their sets and sequences and once everyone in the game comes along with a declaration of their formed sets and sequences, the games results window will then showcase the username, result, cards, score and total amount won in the game.

Invalid Declare

There are times when a player does the declaration out of mistake or doesn’t know about the rules and guidelines of the game and this is where the game server at  brings on an option of allocation 80 points to each of the players whilst displaying your cards to the rest of the players on the games board.

Rules and Guidelines in Points Rummy

-The point’s rummy table can constitute a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players on the table depending on the types of tables

-Pools rummy table is of two types: 101 pools rummy and 201 Pools rummy where players can play wi9ht real money or practice chips.

-The entry fees in the game ranges from 25rs to 1500rs

-The card constitutes 53 cards including a single printed joker in one deck. Moreover, classic pool rummy is also available in 1 and 2 decks variations.

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Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy

Pools rummy is generally played on points based system and the player which touched the 101 points mark in 101 pool rummy and 201 points mark in 201 pool rummy loses the game eventually.

101 pool rummy

101 pool rummy is generally played in 2 or 6 players table at with 1 or 2 decks of cards in the process .Here the main motive of the winner is to push all the players in the game above the 101 points mark and the one player who is then left with less than 101 points in the end gets declared as a winner.

201 pools rummy

Just like in the 101 pools rummy, the 201 pools rummy requires the winner to push all the remaining players beyond the 201 points mark whilst maintaining his or her points mark below the 201 points mark. 2 decks of cards are used to play in 2 player’s tables whilst 2 decks of cards are used to play in the 6 players table.

Getting started with the Points Rummy at

Whilst you start playing the pool rummy at Rummy Passion, you first have to pick the desired table from the available options in the games lobby. You need to make selections from the type of play ( 101 pool rummy or 201 pool rummy), size of the table along with the entry fees and then needs to click on “ Join” button on the screen. Once you will be through with all the options, a pop up will then appear with the options of “sit here” and you will get to know the requires spot where you have to play.

You then need to pick a seat as per your choice and occupy it before it gets filled. Once you are through with all the options, a user name, avatar and default points list will then appear on the screen which will then be visible for all the remaining players’ .The start of the game gets decided with a toss and that will be confirming the sitting arrangement of the players on the tables.

How to Win in Pool Rummy?

The player has to make at least one pure sequence out of a minimum 2 sequences and the remaining cards can then be dealt into further sets or pure and impure sequences. You can either pick the card from the open deck or the last dropped card from the open deck in the game. Then you are required to one card to the open deck and this has to be that one card which is not required by your to form your set or sequences.

13 Cards Deals Rummy

13 Cards Deals Rummy

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When we talk about 13 cards deals rummy, the players can pick from the available option of best of 2 deals or best of 3 deals and the game is played with chips which are equally distributed amongst all the players within the start of the game. Moreover, the number of chips used solely depends on the number of decks used in the game. Hence the winner of most number of chips after the preset deals format would eventually win the whole game in the process.

How to win in the deals rummy?

The main motive of the whole game in the deals rummy is to form a valid group before your opponents in the game and then declare. Moreover, you got to pick and drop cards multiple times in order to form a valid group and once you are through with the same process, you are required to push the “ finish” button and declare your cards in the process.

Drop Option during the Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy

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It might happen that the cards in your hand are not favorable and you would surely like to drop them. You can surely do that in the deals rummy whilst picking the ‘drop” option on the website which can be sued to drop the cards in the hands by the playing users. This would make the users to lose some chips and there are two drop options available for them in the process.

Initial drop-This would allow the users to drop the game before picking any card and the user will lose 20 chips here. This happened generally at the very start of the game when the user doesn’t want to proceed ahead.

Mid drop-This would allow the user to drop once he or she has made even a single pick or discard from the given deck and he or she would then be liable to lose 40 chips in the process.

Finishing or Declaring

Once the user is sure of having the right form of sets or sequences, he or she can then click on the “Finish” button on their turn. Once same gets done, the player would get a popup asking for their confirmation to go with the finish. Once clicked, they will get 30 seconds to rearrange their cards and declare and the message afterwards will be displayed to other players on the table.

Tournaments Available at Rummy Passion

Rummy Tournaments

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One of the most famous tournaments available in the rummy website is the Jackpot 1k tournament. The user is not required to deposit any fee for that but he or she needs to be a depositor in order to participate in the same. A total of 500 players can play the game and seats get decided on first come first serve basis. The tournament goes live on a daily basis.

Other major tournaments are cash 25, cash 100 and cash 10 and a tournament especially for the beginners. Also, all of the tournaments carry a certain fee to be deposited and same can be checked by logging on to the website of

Promotions and offers at

Rummy offers

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Rummy Passion 50

This offer is only available for the new users and all they have to do is register to the website, verify their email id and mobile number and you will directly receive Rs 50 bonus to play on the Rummy Passion website. This bonus is bets for all those people who are hesitant in playing cash games and they can win without doing any deposits whilst claiming this bonus on the website by simply registering.

Welcome bonus offer

This offer is also available for the new users as they can win up to Rs 10000 by matching to their deposited amount into the account. All they need to do is play their first game and make their first deposit whilst using the code “Welcome’ and the Rummy Passion will credit their account with a 100% match deposit amount up to Rs 2000.

In other words, the users can get the double amount of their deposited money at the first go and they can use the same to play many more cash games on the website.

Top up bonus

This is another exclusive offer for the users who are playing for the first time. Moreover, once you are through with your first deposit and you have used the whole amount you have brought on table, you can then deposit for the second time and whilst using the code “Top up” you can win a 50% bonus matching to the amount you have deposited in your account.

For example if a person has deposited 1000 rs in their accounts their second deposit, they can sue the code ‘ Top up’ and get 500 rs credited to their account right away. This way you can get more cash to play all your favorite game in the

Sunday Passion bonus

 This another amazing offer for both the new and existing users at and all they have to do is make a deposit on Sunday to their account and use the code “ passion” and they will get the 25% bonus amount of their deposit to be credited right away to their account.

For example if a user deposits 1000 rs on Sunday to his Rummy Passion‘s account, he or she can get 25 rs bonus credited whilst using the code ‘ passion’ while they make the deposit.

Refer a friend bonus has also provided its users with “ refer a friend” bonus offer where they can get an amount up to Rs 5000 on whilst referring their friends and peers to Once the friend is registered through the link shared by the user to them in a form of email, they will start getting 25% of the amount deposited by their friends until the next 3 months. The user can earn a maximum of Rs 5000 to their account as a referral bonus.

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Withdrawal and Payment at

Rummy Passion Deposit

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The user can make payments and do withdrawals via many options on Rummy Passion like Debit card, credit card, wire transfer, net banking, airtel money and other e-wallets like Paytm. They really don’t need to worry about their money as all their deposit are secured by with the most advanced safety features on their website.

Fair Play Policy at

Rummy Passion Policy

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To ensure that every player gets to play in the most favorable and competitive environment, Rummy Passion has laid down several rules and regulations for all its users.

Users are not allowed to indulge in any kind of personal chats with the staff and they are also not allowed to use any kind of abusive or offensive language during their conversation on the same

Users cannot ask for any personal favors from the team on chats or email support and this is strictly prohibited to ensure a safe and unbiased gaming environment for all the users.

Users are also not allowed to play with multiple IDs and identification of the same could lead to the suspension of the account for the users with immediate effect.

All the players playing on the Rummy Passion are not allowed to manipulate the games or cash contest along with other players at any given time and once found, the account of all the listed users will get suspended by the team

Customer Support at

Customer Support at rummy passion

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All the players at can reach out to the customer support team of the rummy Passion website via chat or via an email to their registered email address on their website. They can also reach out to them with their phone support between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm 7 days a week. The live chat option is also available during these hours whilst the email supports available 24×7 for all its users.

Overall Review of the

Rummy Passion Review

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Rummy passion brings along a fresh experience to all the rummy lovers in Indian and in the post few years, it has grown into popularity due to its enhanced user interface and easy to understand gaming features for all its users. Hence, it can be said that even though the website has to make certain small improvements in its graphics section, it’s a treat for all the rummy players in the country.

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